My Own Shopping Advice With Video!

Excuse the awkward me in this video but for my media class our teacher wanted us to create a little Youtube video dealing with our blog topic. Being a bit camera shy this definitely was a challenge and there was a lot of laughing that went into creating this video. So here are my top three shopping tips that I always keep in mind while shopping and I hope they help you when you go shopping as well!




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How to Shop Properly

So for my media class we have to create a collection of photos (slideshow), so I thought it would be fun to show how I get ready for a big shopping  trip to make it easier on my time and wallet. So enjoy my steps and I hope it helps!


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My Experience…

with blogging has been a love hate relationship. I did enjoy to do it for some time but then started to neglect it! It has been a nice outlet and a way to be distracted from school work. I think websites such as using Twitter and Facebook have been great social media tools in getting exposure to my blog. I also believe that viewing other blogs that are related to my blog even those that are not related have really helped me come up with content and get new ideas. It has also helped me learn about people and see their writing skills. I think i need to improve on using tags, I forget that they can help in searches as well as gaining exposure to my posts. I also want to improve on how often I post, that way I can be more consistent with my content. Being able to blog will help me in further career choices such as internships. Being comfortable with blogging and showing potential employers that I have a blog might put me ahead of other applicants. It also shows that I have some type of social media/ marketing tools to be successful as an internship or as a recent graduate when I’m looking for a job. I believe blogging will eventually be a survival tool for company’s success. I have inserted a link about how to use blogging as a marketing tool so enjoy! 




Spring Fest

So now that Spring Break is over it’s time to get back to the old grind but that doesn’t mean we have to dress like it! Some of us are still stuck in our SXSW/Outdoor concerts attire and that’s perfectly fine! This blog post is going to tell you the best/cheapest places to find clothing that will bring out your inner flower child!

1. Pacsun: This brand is known for their California laid back style and have recently gotten into the spring spirit by adding more crop tops, high-waisted shorts and cut out dresses. This bohemian Chic style of clothing is perfect for walking to class or walking through the grass of your favorite concert. Patterns are in this spring anything from tigers and lions graphics to flowers and geometric shapes. Long cardigans, studded flats, headbands/lots of bracelets are also what you need to keep in spring style. Not only are there sales every week at Pacsun but they also over 15% off your entire purchase if you sign up for their email list when you visit their site.

2. Langford Market: This Austin based store just opened a sister store here on the square in San Marcos. This boutique style store has all different types of clothing from $15-$30. They also offer great discounts/coupons for new customers or even for some Texas State fashion clubs. With it’s up and coming store spreading word like wildfire it will be no surprise when this store becomes the go to place to find great spring dresses, shorts and sandals at an affordable price. Langford also offers and assortment of jewelry, scarves, sandals and hats that will compliment any spring inspired outfit for school or outside concert.

3. Urban Outfitters: The original flower power store. This down town-hippie inspired style offers everything from high waisted skirts to flower headbands to tie-dye dresses and everything in between to make you feel like spring is all year round. Known for their crazy cool hip style and also for their high prices, this store is still the place to be. While paying $50 for a shirt may not seem ideal for most of us, Urban still offers great sale items online and in the store. They sometimes offer free shipping and secret sales on certain items of clothing online as well. So always keep a look out, even using this store as a sort of inspiration for spring looks would be a great idea! 



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Shopping App.

For my media class, I have to design an App that would relate to my blog. I found this assignment to be a bit of a challenge because there are so many shopping apps out there. Then an idea sparked my mind, what if you could snap a picture of your favorite piece of clothing and see if they offered it anywhere else for cheaper or something similar at a cheaper price. There’s nothing I hate more then when I can’t find something in my size or when I really like an item of clothing and it’s out of my price range, being able to find something similar at half the price would make both me and my wallet happier. This would be a great app for a super shopper as myself or for someone who wants to be able to find different options/prices on an item before deciding which one would be the best fit for them. It would save both a lot of time and money! So let’s hope this idea of an app will one day become a real app and be seen in the hands of every smart shopper in America.

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Boyfriend Buying

Okay, so your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to get him. Until you notice that he wears the same 5 shirts and three pairs of jeans since you both have been dating which means, its boyfriend shopping time! If your boyfriend is anything like mine, then he doesn’t mind shopping but is very picky with what he buys and would rather spend no more than $10 on any shirt and is quite indecisive when it comes to clothes. So this post will be about where to find great clothes at a cheap price for that boyfriend that likes to spend money on other things besides clothes! And for the girlfriend who just wants their boyfriend to look like he came out of a Pacsun catalogue.

1. The Gap Outlet: Since most of us live within a 10-15 minute drive from the San Marcos outlets, this is the place to be! One of my favorite stores to find cute and cheap clothes for my bf, also the store that I work at is, The Gap. Since this is an outlet store, nothing is ever full price. Most of the time items will range from 30-50% off in price which is great for our wallets. If your boyfriend is the laid back type this store is for him. With beer related graphic tees, to khaki shorts, to a wide variety of button ups and blue jeans, this place is a one stop shop! The great thing is if you have coupons which you can get at the food court, they can be used on top of the already marked down prices. Even better is, the woman’s section is just as great so while our bf’s shop we can also have the opportunity to find great deals.

2. H&M: This store is located at the Domain, a fancy shopping center right outside Austin. This place is also another one stop shop for the type of boyfriend who is very simple with his look. Many of H&M’s clothing includes, simple v-necks, polos, pastel colored button ups, plain simple sneakers all at a reasonable price. Most items can range from $10-30, but being part of H&M’s membership club (free and you can sign up on their website with just your email), will get you coupons and exclusive deals! My bf loves shopping here because everything is cheaper than a department store, but the clothes are still well-made.

3. Zumiez: This store which can be found at mostly any local mall, is the store for the skater-cool athletic, street-wearing boyfriend. While the prices are a bit expensive sometimes, the store offers great deals. The promotion they’ve been running lately is a buy one get one free deal on t-shirts, pants and jackets. This deal can be mixed and matched with woman’s clothing as well (hint-hint) They also have buy one get one half-off deals and the thing my bf likes most about this store is the shoe collection! So if your bf is a big shoe guy, this is the place to take him.

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