Valentine’s Day Dilemma?

Hey Ladies! so Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple days and most of us are wondering what to wear for that dinner and a movie date, that singles party that our roommates are dragging us to, or that romantic evening we’ve been planning with our boyfriends for weeks. Even more so we all want an outfit that doesn’t break the bank something that’s simple, sophisticated, and cheap! We’re only college students after all! So I’ve created a list of places that have the best deals as well as great quality.

1. Express: now most of us know Express to be quite an expensive store at our local mall. But what you don’t know is they actually have some of the best deals around. At the end of January, Express has an end of season sale with 40-50% off already marked down prices, there’s no way you can pass on a deal like this. Express even offers an extra 10% off your purchase when you show a valid Military ID. So you can purchase a nice dress, or shirt and skirt combo for whatever occasion for between $30-40.

*Quick Tip: Look for clothes during the end of seasons in order to score the best prices. Most stores are looking to get rid of clothes to make room for more

2. Forever 21: Most of us are aware at the great prices that Forever 21 provides for clothing that is not only cute and fashionable, but items that we can wear over and over again. The great thing about Forever 21 is every Monday they provide a flash sale online where all new just-in clothing items are 22% off as well as sale items with extra discounts that you can’t find in stores. Recently Forever 21 has been displaying Valentine’s Day themed dresses, shirts, and accessories so this is the place to go to get the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

*Quick Tip: Sign up on your favorite store’s email list to get coupons, exclusive sales and the first one to know about the new items coming into stores.

3. H&M: Similar to Forever 21, H&M has made it’s way on this list because of their funky yet affordable styles. H&M regularly has massive sales which range from $5-10 in clothing and jewelry. Perfect for Valentine’s Day shopping, H&M offers classic style dresses and casual fun dresses as well.

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