Jewelry Madness!

Every outfit needs accessories right? But don’t you hate it when you buy something like a necklace or earrings from a store in the mall and then two weeks later they break on you? That’s probably because they were made cheaply! But hey thats all most of us can afford , but sometimes you can get lucky. In my experience as a savy shopper I have been dragged into expensive stores by friends thinking to myself that theres no way I can afford any of these things until I see the beautiful sign that reads SALE. Even more to my happiness is when I find the jewelry/accessories section on sale as well! So here are some places where I have found the best jewelry that I own as well as some tips to make you a bit savy-er and a bit smarter with shopping.

  • Spending a year in New York going to school not only helped me gain my own independence as a person but also helped me gain my own style and really put to the test, shopping on a budget! One day while in SoHo my friend dragged me into the well know European store, TopShop. Now for those of you that don’t know, Topshop is like the Forever 21 for Europeans except with 10x higher prices. This store is only offered In 4 cities, Chicago, New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but they have an online store as well! The prices are outrageous for some things but they’re well made items and European at that! Anyways the day we walked in was the day they had the big jewelry and accessories sale. Things were marked down from $25 (original price) to $3-10 (sale price) which was awesome! I was now a proud owner of $15 worth of cross earrings, two bracelets and a necklace. All of which I still wear and it still hasn’t broken! I even bought my favorite pair of white spiked flats (which are a bit dirty now) from there for only $10 with an original price of $40. So tip number one is to go into any store with a sale sign! Even if it’s expensive, some of the best items that will last you a long time can be found here! 
  • Another place I have found to be a jem is the second hand store in Austin, Buffalo Exchange. Although the prices can be a bit expensive for a place that sells used items, the labels can range from Betsey Johnson to Zara to Coach. There are always new and exciting items to find even vintage can be found here. The jewelry/accessories part of the store has to be my favorite. There are so many items to choose from they’re funky, fun and fresh. The best items are kept in a class case and range from watches to rings and bracelets. Most of the time these jewelry pieces are made from real gold or silver and can range from $15-30 but will definitely last you a long time! There’s costume jewelry that will be cheaper which range from $5-10 as well but the most important thing is to find something unique and affordable that catches your eye! Shopping is not only about what you get and how much you spend, its about the search for the perfect item that fits your style and your look! Tip number 2 is to stop at thrift stores and see what you can find, the possibilities are endless.



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