Boyfriend Buying

Okay, so your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to get him. Until you notice that he wears the same 5 shirts and three pairs of jeans since you both have been dating which means, its boyfriend shopping time! If your boyfriend is anything like mine, then he doesn’t mind shopping but is very picky with what he buys and would rather spend no more than $10 on any shirt and is quite indecisive when it comes to clothes. So this post will be about where to find great clothes at a cheap price for that boyfriend that likes to spend money on other things besides clothes! And for the girlfriend who just wants their boyfriend to look like he came out of a Pacsun catalogue.

1. The Gap Outlet: Since most of us live within a 10-15 minute drive from the San Marcos outlets, this is the place to be! One of my favorite stores to find cute and cheap clothes for my bf, also the store that I work at is, The Gap. Since this is an outlet store, nothing is ever full price. Most of the time items will range from 30-50% off in price which is great for our wallets. If your boyfriend is the laid back type this store is for him. With beer related graphic tees, to khaki shorts, to a wide variety of button ups and blue jeans, this place is a one stop shop! The great thing is if you have coupons which you can get at the food court, they can be used on top of the already marked down prices. Even better is, the woman’s section is just as great so while our bf’s shop we can also have the opportunity to find great deals.

2. H&M: This store is located at the Domain, a fancy shopping center right outside Austin. This place is also another one stop shop for the type of boyfriend who is very simple with his look. Many of H&M’s clothing includes, simple v-necks, polos, pastel colored button ups, plain simple sneakers all at a reasonable price. Most items can range from $10-30, but being part of H&M’s membership club (free and you can sign up on their website with just your email), will get you coupons and exclusive deals! My bf loves shopping here because everything is cheaper than a department store, but the clothes are still well-made.

3. Zumiez: This store which can be found at mostly any local mall, is the store for the skater-cool athletic, street-wearing boyfriend. While the prices are a bit expensive sometimes, the store offers great deals. The promotion they’ve been running lately is a buy one get one free deal on t-shirts, pants and jackets. This deal can be mixed and matched with woman’s clothing as well (hint-hint) They also have buy one get one half-off deals and the thing my bf likes most about this store is the shoe collection! So if your bf is a big shoe guy, this is the place to take him.

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