Spring Fest

So now that Spring Break is over it’s time to get back to the old grind but that doesn’t mean we have to dress like it! Some of us are still stuck in our SXSW/Outdoor concerts attire and that’s perfectly fine! This blog post is going to tell you the best/cheapest places to find clothing that will bring out your inner flower child!

1. Pacsun: This brand is known for their California laid back style and have recently gotten into the spring spirit by adding more crop tops, high-waisted shorts and cut out dresses. This bohemian Chic style of clothing is perfect for walking to class or walking through the grass of your favorite concert. Patterns are in this spring anything from tigers and lions graphics to flowers and geometric shapes. Long cardigans, studded flats, headbands/lots of bracelets are also what you need to keep in spring style. Not only are there sales every week at Pacsun but they also over 15% off your entire purchase if you sign up for their email list when you visit their site.

2. Langford Market: This Austin based store just opened a sister store here on the square in San Marcos. This boutique style store has all different types of clothing from $15-$30. They also offer great discounts/coupons for new customers or even for some Texas State fashion clubs. With it’s up and coming store spreading word like wildfire it will be no surprise when this store becomes the go to place to find great spring dresses, shorts and sandals at an affordable price. Langford also offers and assortment of jewelry, scarves, sandals and hats that will compliment any spring inspired outfit for school or outside concert.

3. Urban Outfitters: The original flower power store. This down town-hippie inspired style offers everything from high waisted skirts to flower headbands to tie-dye dresses and everything in between to make you feel like spring is all year round. Known for their crazy cool hip style and also for their high prices, this store is still the place to be. While paying $50 for a shirt may not seem ideal for most of us, Urban still offers great sale items online and in the store. They sometimes offer free shipping and secret sales on certain items of clothing online as well. So always keep a look out, even using this store as a sort of inspiration for spring looks would be a great idea! 



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