My Experience…

with blogging has been a love hate relationship. I did enjoy to do it for some time but then started to neglect it! It has been a nice outlet and a way to be distracted from school work. I think websites such as using Twitter and Facebook have been great social media tools in getting exposure to my blog. I also believe that viewing other blogs that are related to my blog even those that are not related have really helped me come up with content and get new ideas. It has also helped me learn about people and see their writing skills. I think i need to improve on using tags, I forget that they can help in searches as well as gaining exposure to my posts. I also want to improve on how often I post, that way I can be more consistent with my content. Being able to blog will help me in further career choices such as internships. Being comfortable with blogging and showing potential employers that I have a blog might put me ahead of other applicants. It also shows that I have some type of social media/ marketing tools to be successful as an internship or as a recent graduate when I’m looking for a job. I believe blogging will eventually be a survival tool for company’s success. I have inserted a link about how to use blogging as a marketing tool so enjoy! 





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